1993 - Metal Sign & Label Pty Ltd, a Brisbane based company, commenced as a distributor of MetalPhoto, a photographic printing process using silver compounds embedded into the anodic layer of anodised aluminium.

1994 - Started selling printed multi colour anodised aluminium, using light sensitive emulsion covered aluminium and screen printing techniques.

1996 - Initiated Research & Development of digital printing processes.

1997 - Applied for first patent relating to method of printing into aluminium anodic layer.

1997 - PrintMETAL Mk I machine started commercial production printing utilising 300 dpi 4 colour process.

1999 - PrintMETAL Mk II flatbed machine started commercial production printing.


2004 - PrintMETAL Mk III development commenced in conjunction with iTi (imaging Technology international, Boulder Colorado USA). Intention to design and build a speciallty machine suitable for international sale.

2005 - Moved to larger specially built premises with resultant improvement in productivity and ability to handle larger projects.

2006 - PrintMETAL Mk III prototype begins testing and limited production printing.

2007 September - Automation project of post production sheet cleaning completed with resultant productivity increase.

2008 January - Development commenced on new ink set formulations to take advantage of advances in ink jet technology and new print engine that will become PrintMETAL Mk4 machine.

2008 August - PrintMETAL MkIII project scrapped due to ongoing failures by American partners to provide a stable printing platform.

2008 August - PrintMETAL Mk 4 installed with 8 colour print head using world best Japanese & Chinese technologies.

2008 August - Second PrintMETAL Mk 4 machine installed enabling greater production flexibility.


2009 June - Ink colour profiles created to match PMS colours and create full colour photograhic quality printing into metal.

2009 October - Online store launched to coincide with Sydney World Masters Games merchandising.

2011 April - Integrated automatic cutting / vision recognition system to boost post print productivity installed replacing mechanical hole and corner rounding and guillotine cutting. Precision cutting of irregular shapes using laser technology is an other industry leading first.