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Anodised Aluminium Labels and Tags

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The Resilient Choice for Industrial Labelling Needs

Anodised aluminium is a great choice for labels and tags, particularly for industrial machinery and equipment labelling, owing to its enhanced durability and
exceptional resistance to corrosion. Printing into the anodic layer is the preferred option for the defence, aerospace and marine industries, where considerations regarding durability and long term legibility are crucial.

Our patented digital printing capabilities enable a wide colour gamut, variable information, logos and images to be incorporated into any design fulfilling the diverse labelling and tagging needs across various industries. Anodised aluminium is easily recycled at end of life and all waste aluminium generated during manufacturing is recycled.
Ideal for Diverse Environments and Applications

Suitable for:
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Harsh environments
  • High wear and tear resistant
  • Marine
  • Above ground mining
  • External Exposure
  • Warehouse
  • Office

Our Anodised Aluminium
Labels and Tags:

Blue asset label with QR code on right side.
Double QR coded label for equipment bins.
Council asset tracking system for outdoor assets.
Product Nameplate on rear of a truck.
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