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Keep track of your equipment using custom printed asset labels and tags to uniquely identify each item. Metal Sign & Label manufacture labels and offer custom asset tags using Aluminium, Stainless Steel or a range of flexible materials so use our experience to help select the right material for your application. Whether you are looking to build a new asset labelling system or enhance your existing one, we have solutions to help a variety of businesses.
  • Asset number labels
  • Asset tracking
  • Asset barcode labels
  • Asset ID sticker
  • Asset management tags
  • Unique ID labels
  • Asset tags with QR code
  • Asset label stickers
  • Asset marking labels
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tag labels
  • Asset tracking labels
  • Asset ID metal tags
  • Custom asset labels
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Labels to track every asset

Simplify your asset management tags with our asset labelling solutions, suitable for all businesses across all industries. From asset labels for equipment to asset management labels and asset tag stickers, we've got it all for your business' needs.
Product Selection

Choosing the right material for your application.

Speak to us, one of Australia leading asset tag suppliers, to help you determine which is the best material for your custom metal asset tag needs. Read through our range of materials available for creating asset identification tags and custom asset labels.


  • Durable asset labels & asset ID tags with colour print and logos
  • Include colour logos and backgrounds easy fast identification and frequent scanning
  • Resistant to solvent, chemicals, corrosion and abrasion

Stainless Steel

  • The strongest material available for durable asset tags for tough environments involving high impact and scratching forces
  • Laser etched for a permanent mark or annealed for specialist medical or food applications & fixed asset tags
  • Resistant to solvent, chemicals, corrosion and abrasion including environments where aluminium would not be suitable such as underground mining

Tesa 6930

  • Flexible label with aggressive adhesive suitable for curved and low energy surfaces
  • Tamper evident, any manipulation leaves a visible trace and removal is not possible without destruction of label.
  • Resists abrasion, heat and chemicals

3M IJ180

  • Full colour labels suitable for long term, outdoor applications
  • White stock media
  • Overlaminate protects from environmental damage including chemicals.


  • Economical option as a tough flexible label
  • Overlaminated to increase durability and abrasion resistance
  • Thermal print unaffected by moisture and most cleaning agents


  • Economical full colour labels
  • White stock media
  • Overlaminated to increase durability and moisture resistance.
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