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Asset Tagging and Tracking Solutions

Asset tagging helps your organisation to identify, track and manage physical assets. An asset tracking system simplifies the management and maintenance of company assets and can save money. By assigning unique identifiers or serial numbers and using barcodes, data matrix or QR codes, each asset can be reliably tracked throughout its lifecycle.

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Track your assets, streamline maintenance, reduce loss or theft and meet regulatory requirements with Asset Tagging and Labelling

A common problem that organisations and asset managers face is the lack of visibility and control over their assets. Without proper tracking mechanisms in place, it can be challenging to monitor the location, usage, and maintenance history of machinery or equipment. Without adequate tracking, it's difficult to identify when and where assets go missing, leading to financial losses and operational disruptions.

At Metal Sign and Label, we manufacture and supply Asset Tagging and Tracking Labels that help organisations accurately and reliably track their assets. We can also provide advice when choosing and integrating with asset management software. Your labels are custom made to your specifications, designed to last the life of the asset and work with any asset management system.

Asset tagging provides peace of mind for your investments

  • Assign unique identifiers to each asset for easy identification.
  • Use QR Codes, Barcodes or Data matrixes to speed up scanning and data entry.
  • Monitor asset usage patterns and performance metrics to identify opportunities for optimisation.
  • Schedule and track maintenance tasks, inspections, and repairs to ensure assets remain in good working condition.
  • Generate reports and analytics to gain insights into asset lifecycle management and compliance.

Asset tagging is ideal for:

Machinery Asset Label on equipment with rollers.
Custom made aluminium asset tag on machinery with unique information from the customer database.
IT equipment tracking labels.
Council asset tracking system for outdoor assets.
Blue asset label with QR code on right side.
Double QR coded label for equipment bins.
Asset labels used in the energy and utilities industry.

Made in Australia

Metal Sign and Label’s in house manufacturing facilities mean we can produce custom and specialist asset tagging solutions on demand, and on time.  Our technologies allow for a range of materials types, sizes and print solutions which can be customised to your specific label or tagging requirements. If you're not sure of the best approach to managing your assets, reach out via email or phone and we will create an asset tagging system solution for you.

Our asset tagging solutions include:

Asset labels used in the energy and utilities industry.
Double QR coded label for equipment bins.
Portable equipment with an tamper proof asset tag.
Custom made aluminium asset tag on machinery with unique information from the customer database.
Asset labels used in the logistics and transportation industry.
Council asset tracking system for outdoor assets.
Project i-Trace asset label sample for GS1 verification.
Laser cut facepate with different sized cut outs.

By offering a wide variety of durable asset labels and tags, Metal Sign and Label can provide organisations with solutions tailored to their specific asset tracking needs, environmental conditions, and industry requirements.

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We are specialists in durable labels and tags. We make tags that last.

We offer customisable sizes and shapes, colours and thickness, in a variety of materials for tags, labels and signs resistant to scratches, abrasion, solvents and chemicals, for the life of your asset.

From indoor office equipment to industrial tagging in the most extreme environmental conditions, we have a robust asset tracking solution for you.