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Stainless Steel Labels and Tags

We use cutting-edge stainless steel tag printer technology to produce durable and high-quality stainless steel labels and tags, ensuring long-lasting and professional identification solutions.

  • Stainless steel logo plates
  • Stainless steel barcode tags
  • Stainless steel label plates
  • Stainless steel cable labels
  • Stainless steel tags
  • Stainless steel asset tags
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Durable labels for the toughest environments

Stainless steel labels are the toughest labels for abusive industries. Exclusively using 316L grade Stainless Steel and marked with our advanced pico-laser stainless steel label printing technology. The strength of Stainless Steel tags and ability to withstand impacts and extreme temperatures means it is ideally suited for mining, construction and other heavy duty applications.

Our picosecond laser marking process ensures a smooth high contrast black mark and is highly resistant to corrosion even after multiple passivation and autoclaving cycles particularly suited to medical and food processing requirements. Labels can be supplied in custom thicknesses, shapes with holes and adhesives pre-appiled for fast installation.

On top of their functional advantages, stainless steel labels provide a professional and timeless look, enhancing the overall appearance of products and equipment. They are environmentally sustainable and recyclable, aligning with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly materials. A great solution for organisations needing long-term value and reliability, making them a solid investment choice.
The toughest label for the toughest environment.

Suitable for:
  • Alkaline or Acid Environments
  • Underground mining environments
  • Food processing facilities
  • Speciality Applications
  • Workshops & Industrial environments

Our Stainless Steel
Labels and Tags:

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Say goodbye to fading, chipping, or deteriorating labels — our stainless steel labels ensure your brand stays recognisable and distinguished for years to come. Draw on the experience of our team to get the perfect label for your application.