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tesa 6930 & 3M 7847 Labels

Labels made from tesa® 6930 or 3M 7847 and 3M 7848 are made of a unique material that offer durable, tamper-evident barcode solutions that simplify asset identification and tracking while ensuring compliance with military standards. They withstand harsh conditions, maintain security, and provide long-lasting identification for assets.

These labels can be found in the Land 400 Phase 2 project.

  • 3M 7847
  • Tesa 6930
  • 3M 7848
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Tamper proof labels suitable for any organisation seeking durable and reliable barcode solutions for asset management in demanding environments.

At Metal Sign & Label we work with industries requiring robust asset tracking solutions. Our labels feature tamper-proofing capabilities and other advanced features to ensure durability, security, and compliance with industry standards.

Metal Sign & Label is a GS1 Alliance Partner. We verify manufactured labels to GS1 and ISO 16022 standards and can assist in ensuring that your GTIN, GIAI and additional AI (application identifiers) are correctly encoded for your product or project.

Explore how our labels can streamline your asset management processes and enhance security in challenging environments. Contact us today for your long-term labelling solution.

tesa 6930, 3M 7847 and 3M 7848 labels are typically used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Product Identification:

    tesa 6930, 3M 7847 and 3M 7848 labels can be used for product identification and labeling. They provide a durable and reliable solution for marking products with important information such as serial numbers, barcodes, manufacturing dates, and other relevant data.

  • Asset Tracking:

    These labels are often used for asset tracking purposes in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and retail. By affixing these labels to assets such as equipment, inventory, and machinery, organisations can track the movement and location of their assets efficiently.

  • Security and Tamper-Evidence: 

    tesa 6930, 3M 7847 and 3M 7848 labels may also incorporate security features such as tamper-evident materials and adhesives. These features help to deter tampering and unauthorised access to labeled items by providing visual indicators if the label has been removed or tampered with.

Portable equipment with an tamper proof asset tag.

Industries that can benefit from tesa 6930, 3M 7847 and 3M 7848  labels include:

Labels that last the test of time.

Overall, tesa® Labels provide organisations with a reliable and compliant solution for asset identification and tracking across a range of applications.

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